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Helping in Burkina

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One of the things that most excites me about our upcoming gift offering at Fusion is our goal to help build a well in Burkina, Faso.  Burkina is one of the poorest areas on the planet with a very high mortality rate for young children.  The thought of our church helping to provide clean water to an entire group of people there really pumps me up.

Clean water is essential because a lot of the death experienced there is caused by water-borne illnesses.  Helping to provide clean, safe drinking water will therefore save lives and the Lord will receive all the glory for this act of grace.

We will be supporting the amazing work of Engage Burkina to help dig a well there.  This great organization is supported by a few churches that I personally know and the pastors that I know that have been on the ground there tell me that this is a great, great organization to support.

They typically hire local people to dig these wells so not only will our gift provide life-giving water but it will also help provide employment for some Burkinabe people.

Fusion folks, thank you for prayerfully considering what the Lord may have you give to our gift offering.  Together we can help save lives on the other side of the world and God will get all the praise!

You can get all the details about our gift offering here.

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