My One Resolution

I have a lot of goals for this year. I also have a lot of plans. But, I only have one resolution for 2014 — to live fearlessly.

Now, by that I’m not say that I am planning on living stupidly or foolishly. I’m not going to throw common sense to the wind or ignore wisdom. What I mean is that I’m going to do everything I can to live this entire year to its fullest.

With God’s help, I’m going to get released from the imprisonment of fear that I’ve slowly allowed to hold me back for far too long. Instead, I’m going to live a life filled with faith in an all-loving, all-providing God. I’m going to live without the self-imposed shackles of needless fear, insecurity, and doubt.

I just want to be everything God has created me to be; nothing more but certainly nothing less.

Who’s with me?



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