Ten Essential Things to Remember When Tempted to Quit

Life is often hard and, from time to time, we all face the temptation to quit, or give up on our dreams or goals.

Quitting isn’t the answer though.

When tempted to quit, you must remember these ten things to help you stay in the game….


1. God’s Not Done with Me Yet

If you still have a pulse, God is not done with you. It might seem like everything is hopeless right now but God has a great plan for your life.

He didn’t bring you this far to leave you in a dark place.


2. I’m Going to Prove My Critics Wrong

The single best way to prove your critics wrong isn’t by arguing with them but by just outlasting them.

Keep going and keep working. Soon, you’ll be producing great things in your life that nobody — not even the critics — can deny.


3. New Perspectives Await Me

Like climbing a mountain, new views are around every corner. As you keep going, fresh new perspectives can suddenly appear.

What seems dim and dark right now can turn into daybreak at any moment…as long as you don’t quit.


4. My Determination is More Important than My Talents

Talents alone are fairly worthless. What really counts, what really makes the difference in life, is tenacity and perseverance.

Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.  – Stephen King

Your decision, and determination, to stay in the game will separate you from the pack and make all the difference.


5. Each Success Builds Exponentially in My Life

Every success, every small step you make in the right direction, builds energy and momentum towards your goals and dreams.

Every last bit of energy you put into not quitting is snowballing into more and more success in your life. It may be incredibly hard now but the dividends are enormous.


6. Failures Teach Me More Than Successes

We don’t like to admit this buy we learn far more from our failures than our successes.

If you’ve failed, if you’ve hit a roadblock, it’s an opportunity to learn.  And, as you learn how to overcome this failure (and hopefully avoid it next time), you’ll be miles ahead of the competition. You’ll also be miles closer to your dreams.

Failure is painful but it gives invaluable experience that can’t be learned any other way. Learn from it and keep going.


7. I’ll Spend My Time and Energy Somewhere Anyway

You’re going to spend your time and your energy in some fashion somewhere in your life. You can either spend it meandering around, procrastinating, and avoiding the hard choices, OR you can invest it in your dreams, your goals, and your preferred future.

You’re going to spend energy. Let it fuel your dreams and not your regrets.


8. Others are Counting on Me (and Watching Me)

The stakes are higher than we typically imagine. When we give up, the impact goes far beyond ourselves.

You’re fighting not just for yourself but for everyone that cares about you and those that would come after you pursing similar dreams.


9. The Rewards Are Bigger Than Just Accomplishing Something

The rewards of accomplishing your goals and achieving your dreams are far greater than just marking something off of a list.

The sense of accomplishment, the experience earned, and the confidence to tackle even larger goals are all glorious by-products that often outweigh the immediate benefits of our successes.


10. My Dreams Await…But They Must Be Tackled

Your God-given dreams are valid — never doubt that — but they typically wont just come to you. They must be hunted and tracked down…and captured.

Don’t for one minute expect your dreams to just materialize in front of you.

Go after them. Be relentless. Never give up. And, one day you shall overtake them.


What do you tell yourself when you are tempted to quit? Have I missed anything?


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