Don’t Worry, Be Crappy

I love this quote from Guy Kawaski

Don’t worry, be crappy. Revolutionary means you ship and then test… Lots of things made the first Mac in 1984 a piece of crap – but it was a revolutionary piece of crap.  – Guy Kawasaki

The truth is that if you wait for everything to be perfect you’ll never realize any great task, project, or dream.

Do your due diligence, to be sure, but at some point you’ve just got to start.

You’ve got to jump in because some of your best learning happens only when you jump in.

Don’t be afraid to start. Don’t be afraid to be crappy at first. Just commit to getting better with every attempt.

The key to doing anything great isn’t being great out of the gate. The key actually is simply starting as soon as you can and then reiterating your way into greatness.

Start today.


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