The Gift of a New Year

I know there are those that like to say that passing from one year into the next is no big deal and doesn’t amount to much.

They insist that it’s merely the turning of a page on a calendar or the ticking of a clock; that calendars and dates and time are all man-made measurements and they hold no special power, nor deserve any unique reverence.

I see it differently. The truth is that God, in His wisdom, created days and months and years. He designed those rhythms and then plopped us firmly in the middle of them.

Sure, it took us a while to accurately measure and understand all the nuances, but the idea of new days, new seasons, and new years came from God.

That’s why new years are significant. God has allowed you to experience a new year and within that divine gift are other gifts; gifts of hope and promise and potential.

Don’t let the cold hard rigidity of the measurement of time keep you from seeing and appreciating the gift of time.

God has given you a new year to live and learn. He’s given you another opportunity to start again and explore new paths along His plan for your life.

Enjoy it. Appreciate it. Be grateful for it. And, above all, leverage it for all it is worth.

In other words,  Happy New Year!

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