Day and Night, Night and Day


The Bible says the first day started at night. Jews to this day consider sunset to the be the start of a new day. This, of course, is very different from how most people see it.

The majority of people feel the day starts when there is light. The light comes and we work as hard as we can until the darkness comes. This is the way of men; work until there is no more light or strength or energy.

God sees things quite differently. While we may fear the darkness or lack of strength, He comes into the night ready to create and start. He sees the night as the clean canvas with which to begin flinging light and stars and galaxies into place. The darkness is where He starts, not where He ends, and this is very good news for us.

Though you may be in a dark place do not for one moment consider that to mean that you are at the end or there is no hope. Our mighty God starts His day as the sun sets. He starts His greatest works in the middle of the darkness.

He would say to you right now, no matter how dark your situation, do not fear for you have not entered a sunset but only the beginning of a bright new day.

Do not fear the darkness, or curse it, but acknowledge it as a prelude to mighty works of God in your life.

The sun will shine again upon you and all the darkness, no matter how overwhelming it may seem, is only the build up to the glorious dawn that awaits you in Christ.

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