Starting Your Day Off Right

You can pray at any point during your day. In fact, we’re told to “pray continually” so I suppose any sort of discussion about what time of day to pray is sort of pointless. I will say, however, that starting your day with prayer is a game changer in every regard.

Most people tend to wake up with things on their mind. This is certainly the case if they are in a particularly stressful season of life. In fact, during times of great stress the things on our minds will actually wake us up. So, all that usually leaves us starting our days in a state of worry or stress a good bit of the time.

The author of Psalm 5 was certainly living in one of those stressed out seasons when he wrote…

In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice, in the morning I plead my case to you and watch expectantly.  Psalm 5:3 (HCSB)

He’s saying that when he wakes up with all these concerns on his mind, he takes them to the Lord. He doesn’t let them just eat him up all day. He doesn’t let them loom large over everything he’s going to think or do for the rest of the day. He doesn’t let them drive or dictate his moods, his thoughts, or his life. No, he takes them to the Lord. He pleads his case before God.

Plead Your Case

The term “plead my case” sounds cold and lawyerly to us but it just means to lay out the facts before someone who can actually do something about the situation. Many times the things that stress us out the most do so because they are beyond our control. It’s this lack of control that rattles us and disturbs us so deeply. But it must be remembered that nothing is beyond God’s control and when we take our concerns to Him we are in effect taking them to a higher court. We are making our appeal to someone that has the authority and power to overrule and overturn any other verdict or decision. We’re testifying and asking the One in charge to make things right and grant us help.

Start with Prayer

You can certainly pray throughout your day and you would be wise to do so but be sure to start your day with prayer. Let your knees hit the ground before your feet hit the street. Make the time to stop and plead your case and make your appeal. This will bring peace into your thoughts. No longer will the uncontrollables drive you to distraction, worry, and fear. Instead you can rest in knowing that you’ve put these things into the nail-scarred hands of your all-powerful, all-knowing, all-loving God.

Don’t Stop There

But don’t just stop there. There’s more to this than just taking your case to this holy appeals court. No, you must continue on to something more just as the psalmist did. You must watch expectantly!

Your faith must move you to not only believe that Jesus has heard your case but that He will also act on your behalf. He may not do everything you wish Him to do because He is no genie in a bottle but He must certainly is a loving God that cares for you more than you care for yourself. He will not sit idly by while someone He loves so dearly is being pestered or harassed. He will move. He will act. He will respond to your faith in Him.

Keep Watching

So, watch. Keep your eyes open and keep your heart filled with expectation. Don’t allow the momentary clouds or shifting winds to make you doubt His love or His inevitable response. Keep believing. Keep trusting. Keep watching. One day, at just the right time, the clouds will part and the sun will burst through. Your God will move and you will know that He did so on your behalf.


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