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161My name is Tony McCollum. I’m a pastor, speaker, author, photographer, techie, geek, and business owner.

I write about a wide variety of topics but mostly it’s about how to live an epic life. I also write about leading people and organizations.

I often give unconventional advice that I hope you’ll find helpful.

You can learn more about me by here.

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March 02 2014

Why I Won’t Be Winning an Oscar Tonight


When I was in college, I was part of a small acting group. We had a good time, performed some plays, and went on a something like a tour. I really enjoyed acting in general and especially the ability to do … Read More

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My Other Sites

PastorMojo is the place to view all my posts about church leadership and the personal life of pastors. It's also the home of my forthcoming podcast.

PastorGear is the source of all sorts of tech and geeky goodness for pastors. The site features product and app reviews for anything that might interest pastors.

Photography is the place to view all my photos from my various trips. There's also a blog there where I discuss my journey as a photographer.

Hungover Pastors

The Hungover Pastor Show is a light-hearted, live show just for pastors presented once a month. The goal of the show is the help encourage pastors on Sunday nights.

A Favorite Quote

Make no mistake, spiritual leadership rises and falls on a person’s ability to connect daily with the Spirit. Skill, experience and instinct are pathetically inadequate if you want to be a spiritual leader. It is the matchless power of the Living God exploding through everything you do that makes a strong leader. Leaders worth following are forged in the brute reality of their personal walk with God. — Bill Hybels

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