Shredding Prayers

I often write out my prayers to God. This helps me focus and not get lost in thought. It also helps me clarify what I’m really asking God to do and what I feel like He’s saying to me as I’m praying.

Most of the time I write these types of prayers in a notebook or journal. Sometimes though, I write them on a sheet of paper and shred them then I’m done.

The truth is some prayers are so personal and vulnerable that I don’t want a physical record of them. I want to be as real and raw as I need to be without ever feeling like it might be read by someone else.

It actually feels sort of empowering to shred a prayer, particularly if the prayer centers on something I’m trying to hand over to the Lord. It’s as if the shredding is sealing the deal and taking it out of my hands.

Whether you shred your prayers or not, I highly recommend writing them out as a way to spur greater growth and concentration in your prayer life.


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